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Our favorite ways to use Bees Knees

Bushwick Kitchen's Hot Honey is a delicious condiment that adds a sweet and spicy kick to any dish. Here are a few ways to use hot honey:
1. On Pizza: Drizzle the hot honey over your favorite pizza, such as pepperoni or margherita, for a sweet and spicy flavor that complements the savory toppings.
2. With Fried Chicken: Hot honey is a fantastic complement to fried chicken. Dip the chicken in the hot honey or drizzle it on top of the chicken for a delicious pairing.
3. In Dressings and Marinades: Whisk hot honey into a vinaigrette or marinade for a tangy and spicy combination. Use it on salads, roasted veggies or grilled meats.
4. On cheeseboards: Drizzle the honey over soft or hard cheese or spread it on crackers to add a little heat to your cheeseboard.
5. With Roasted Vegetables: Drizzle hot honey over roasted vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes or brussels sprouts for a sweet and spicy contrast.
6. In cocktails: Use hot honey in cocktails with bourbon or tequila, or on its own with lemon and seltzer for a sweet and spicy mocktail.
Whether you’re drizzling it on pizza or using it to marinate meat, Bushwick Kitchen's hot honey is versatile and a delicious addition to your spice cabinet.