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Jasmine + Rose all-natural room, linen + body spray. Spray FEMINIST and let your essence fill the room. A liberating blend of bergamot, jasmine, and rose—crafted for women who own their space. 3.4 oz | 100 ml ________________ BEHIND THE SCENT FEMINIST is a tribute to strong women everywhere. From the bold zest of bergamot to the alluring scents of jasmine and rose, each note is a nod to the complexity and strength of femininity. Sandalwood anchors the fragrance, offering a grounded foundation that speaks to the unwavering resilience of women. Wear it as a daily affirmation of your inherent power. Top: Bergamot Middle: Jasmine, Rose Base: Sandalwood _______________ Ingredients: organic cane alcohol, 100% natural fragrance
FEMINIST O&A - 173 Mercantile
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