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Some bar trends we are watching

Based on recent market research and industry experts, here are some of the current trends for cocktails we are seeing now. Don't worry, we will post periodic updates as the summer season approaches.

1. Low-ABV cocktails: Many people are opting for lighter cocktails with lower alcohol content, such as spritzes and wine-based cocktails.

2. Sustainability and zero-waste: Bartenders and mixologists are increasingly coming up with ways to minimize waste by using recycled ingredients like citrus peels, repurposing leftovers and reducing plastic waste.

3. Non-alcoholic or low-alcohol alternatives: The demand for low-alcohol and non-alcoholic cocktails is on the rise, as people seek healthier drink options or embrace a sober lifestyle.

4. Creative garnishes: Bartenders are taking garnishes to the next level by using everything from edible flowers to dried fruits, herbs, and dehydrated citrus.

5. Bold, spicy and herbal flavors: Ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and rosemary are becoming popular. Bartenders are using these to create cocktails with bold flavors and herbal notes.

6. Retro drinks: Classic cocktails such as Old Fashioned, Negroni, and Sours with a modern twist are making a comeback.

7. Global influences: With the increase in global travel, bartenders are incorporating exotic flavors and ingredients from lesser-known regions, for instance Brazilian Cachaça, Japanese sake, and African spices into their cocktail menu.