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Our favorite ways to garnish a mocktail or cocktail

Remember, the garnish should complement the flavor and theme of the drink, be hygienic and practical to consume. Try to get creative with your garnishes but always keep in mind food safety and presentation!

1. Dehydrated Citrus Wheels or Hubs: Dehydrated citrus adds visual appeal and flavor to drinks. You can make your dehydrated citrus from limes, grapefruits, and oranges. Use the wheels as a garnish or dip them in sugar or salt before serving.
2. Edible Flowers: Fresh, edible flowers like lavender, rose petals, chamomile, and pansies are an elegant way to elevate your drinks. They add color and a floral aroma to cocktails. (Fun Tip: Make ice cubes with the flowers!) 
3. Fresh Herbs: Fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, and basil add sophistication, aroma, and flavor to drinks. They can also be used for stirring or muddled in cocktails.
4. Fruit peel ribbons: Peeling fruit into ribbons and spirals is an easy and visually appealing way to garnish drinks. You can use citrus peel, apple peel or even mango peel.
5. Mini Umbrellas: Miniature umbrellas are a fun way to create a tropical vibe in your drinks. They can be used for tiki-style drinks like Mai Tais and Pina Coladas.
6. Candied Bacon:  A salty and sweet garnish on top of a Bloody Mary or cocktail add a layer of fun and decadence. Simply candy bacon slices in the oven before use.
7. Spices or Crystals: Try sprinkling some spices like cinnamon or cardamom, or edible crystals such as gold flakes or silver sugar to top off on your cocktail.