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Our Favorite Pizza Dip snacks

Here are some food items to serve with hot pizza dip:
1. Breadsticks - Garlic breadsticks, cheese breadsticks or plain breadsticks can be served.
2. Tortilla Chips - Tortilla chips, nacho chips or even plain chips can be served.
3. Toasted baguette slices - Thin slices of toasted baguette can be served with the pizza dip.
4. Crackers - Any type of crackers can also be served with the pizza dip.
5. Vegetables - Serve up some veggies alongside the pizza dip for a healthier option. Carrots, eggplant, or bell peppers will pair well with the dip.
6. Mozzarella Sticks - These can be served with the pizza dip since they are cheese-based.
7. Quesadillas - Crispy Quesadillas with a mix of chicken and cheese would pair perfectly with pizza dip.
8. Wings - Chicken wings at a pizza party? Why not! Provide some spicy wings on the side for a change in flavors. 
9. French Fries - A more filling side dish would be French fries or potato wedges.
10. Mini Pizza Bites - For those who want more pizza flavor in their meal, mini pizza bites or pizza rolls can be served alongside the pizza dip.