Candle Care, Let's Talk

I love candles, I spend a lot of time looking at different scent blends, different waxes, and how easy they are to flip the switch on a space.

You'll be sure to get a bright burn, cozy vibes, and so much more life from your candles with some easy, tried and true tricks - your home and your nose will thank you!

Burn it- On the first burn, let the wax spread to the max. Burning it longer, and not just a smidge, will make sure that it's lit for the long bridge. Goodbye tunnels and hello even swipes of wax - with this candle, all your cozy evenings will relax!

Trim It- Who needs ambiance with soot? Clip the wick down to 1/4-1/2 inch each time, use scissors, nail clippers, or specially designed wick trimmers to clip the candle’s wick  (Plus, you get to play with scissors - what's not to love?)

Snuff It- Experience the grandeur of your next candle-burning session by using a snuffer! Get those wicks up to snuff while safely keeping hot wax splatter away from your furnishings. Light up in luxury knowing that your candle's flame will be extinguished in the most extra way possible. 

Also, never ever leave a burning candle unattened or even near anything-like ever


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