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WHITE OAK | HONEY | CLOVE BUD | APPLE | TOASTED ALMOND baking pies from your backyard apple trees. memories that bring joy in solitude. generations of tradition. a euphoric sense of belonging. warm. nostalgic. gourmand. 11OZ | 312G DEHV candles are sustainably created, and hand poured into 11oz Concrete vessels with a steel lid. Concrete is a natural material; therefore, each vessel will have its own unique character and may vary slightly. We use 100% non-GMO soy wax and cotton wicks. All DEHV candles will burn up to 50 hours and contain the finest quality fragrance to create one of a kind, eco-friendly blends. 100% Biodegradable Kraft packaging. Formulated without: Phthalates, preservatives, additives or dyes.