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Movement and beachy graphics combine to make waves on the Danica Studio Solstice Zip Pouch. Our zipper pouch collection offers a stylish yet secure place to store frequently used items for easy access while at home or on the go. Created by our designers in the Vancouver studio, the distinctive prints envelop three different sized storage bags to complement your individual style while conveniently corralling your everyday essentials. Put belongings in a zipper pouch, then toss it in your tote, backpack or purse for better organization on the go. Each zipper pouch accommodates numerous daily necessities, such as cosmetics and skincare products for midday touch ups or earbuds and some wrapped candies for an afternoon break.
Danica Studio Solstice Large Cotton Zipper Pouch - 173 Mercantile
Danica Studio Solstice Large Cotton Zipper Pouch Precio de oferta$28.00 USD