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WANDER Concrete Candle

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Experience a magical world of scent with the WANDER Concrete Candle, featuring a luxurious blend of sandalwood, cedar, neroli, musk, and patchouli.

Feel your spirit rise while the alluring aroma of the pampas grass, the milky haze of the backroads and the grounding, bohemian vibes surround you. 

Your greatest escape starts with a single deep breath!

Each candle is sustainably hand-poured into an 11oz Concrete vessel, featuring a steel lid and infused with 100% non-GMO soy wax and cotton wicks.
Burning for up to 50 hours, DEHV candles offer the finest quality fragrance combined with eco-friendly blends and 100% biodegradable Kraft packaging.
All formulations are free from Phthalates, preservatives, additives and dyes.

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